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Welcome to the Metaphorum, a place where new horizons of coincidence and synchronicity are constantly unfolding. This site features the Shadow Cards, a psychological tool that creates random metaphors, food for thought. These metaphors can relate to what’s going on in your life on different levels and thus trigger nourishing insight from the unconscious. They spark unique personal symbolism that can help make meaning out of chaos as well as dreams. Sometimes the meaning of the metaphors is very illuminating, sometimes less so. Yet each combination offers a chance to stimulate creativity and exercise imaginative association. The process of metaphor recognition helps foster intuition, mental clarity and better communication. It may even strengthen or increase the dendrites or connections between the nerves in the brain. How does it work? By revealing how the internal world creatively corresponds with the external world, by revealing how issues, challenges and relationships are transformed when looked at from many angles. More perspective equals more understanding.

The Shadow Cards blend with the synchronicity of everyday living. They reflect the random shades of significance that characterize human existence. However, the Shadow Cards are NOT like a Tarot deck because the interpretation suggestions are not rigidly codified. Nonetheless, some people have described the Shadow Cards as a Jungian Tarot.

Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity to refer to the conjunction of "universal forces" with the thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences in peoples’ lives.

The Shadow Cards were also not designed as a substitute for astrology but have been used for counseling and therapy by many mental health professionals. Self-reflection and introspection are key components to a balanced harmonious life and the Shadow Cards offer a refreshing way to explore not just psychic phenomenon but core emotional truth.

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Used by psychologists, therapists, teachers and counselors around the world.


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